ÜMSA Investment Inc.

We have worked hard to reach ÜMSA's current brand value while expanding our investment areas every year with our commercial experiences are inherited from generation to generation.

We are expanding our capital increases by gaining experience in various sectors from past to present with our domestic and foreign working partners and our high potential projects.

While we continue our activities in the sales and distribution of tobacco products, tourism and construction under the roof of ÜMSA, we continue to work on new investment areas.

With our team which enhances growing sales network and its standards, we are determined to expand our activities in the fields of tobacco sale, tourism where we act with a hospitable, perfectionist and international service approach and construction where we put our projects into practice with superfine.

We continue our R&D works to take part in various sectors under the roof of ÜMSA Investment Inc. for new investments, new areas of activity, and new business partnerships.

We are well-established institution that believe in the power of change and development. We maintain our speed and agility by making technological investments confidingly and care about the continuity of our system improvements and structural transformations. We create mutual values by taking on the angel investment of various enterprises that we rely on for their projects.

We are taking firm steps forward to be better associated with our employees and professional partners. Because we know that we are strong only if we are together.