As ÜMSA Investment Inc.; We are confidently moving forward with our employees who believe in team spirit and our working principle that always aims for the best.

We have accomplished our objectives in various sectors, especially tobacco products sales and distribution, tourism, and construction activities.

Now, we aim to combine our existing financial strength with these experiences and expand our investment and activity areas to produce new added value.

We continue our research and feasibility studies to take part in many different sectors under the roof of ÜMSA Investment Inc. for new investments, new fields of activity, and new working partnerships.

We use technology to ensure the continuity of development and change, and we cooperate with industry-leading companies in many fields.

Within the scope of these investments, we make innovative applications with many brands, including global brands, and expand our borders with our technological infrastructure investments.

We are investing in various enterprises that we rely on for their projects, and for this purpose, in 2020, we have made our first investments for the startup project a new digital platform.

We are taking firm steps forward towards success with our investments that build the future and our employees who strengthen our strength.